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Group 1

Autumn Term

Geography is taught 2 out of 3 terms.

Spring Term


Where are there rainforests?

What is a rainforest?

What animals & plants are found in a rainforest?

Who lives & works in rainforests?

Continents & oceans

Hot & cold climates

Summer Term

Water, Water Everywhere

How does water get where it is needed?

Who uses water?

Is all water reusable?

Field work


School study

Group 2

Autumn Term

Place Knowledge –The UK

Human geography

Physical characteristics

Comparing two regions

Spring Term

Geography is taught 2 out of 3 terms.

Summer Term

Rivers, water & weather

Climate zones


Vegetation belts

The water cycle

Years 5 and 6

Autumn Term

Geography is taught for 2 out of the 3 terms

Spring Term

Location Knowledge –Europe

  • Name & locate countries
  • Coasts, rivers & mountains
  • Land patterns
  • Compare with Britain

Summer Term

Place Knowledge- Africa

Looking at physical features

Looking at human geography

Comparing countries