The Cedars School


Admissions, Attendance and Children Missing from School Policy


Legislation: The Education (Pupil Registration) Regulations 2006, amendments 2011 and 2013

This policy complies with Part 6 of The Education (Independent School Standards) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2014 in force from January 5th 2015 and has regard for KCSIE September 2020 and Children Missing Education (September 2016).


The main point of entry is at 4+ years, however children are also welcome to join the school in the term in which they attain their 4th birthday and to any year group if a place is available.


When offering a place, preference will be given to those who registered earliest and those with siblings at the School.


Children for entry in all year groups are invited to an informal assessment. This is to ensure that our expectations of them are fair for when they join us. We may also ask for a report from the child’s current Nursery School or school.

Enquiries and visits

·      Enquiries for admission should be made to the Head Teacher or Registrar.


·      A visit gives you the opportunity to meet the staff and children, and to discuss your hopes for your child with the Head Teacher. You can arrange a visit to the school at any time, alternatively, we hold several Open Days throughout the year when you are welcome to come and see us in action.


·      You can find dates of our Open Days by contacting the school by phone or email, or by looking at our website

Entry procedures/timetable

·      After receipt of the prospectus, please do come and visit us so that you can experience the happy and safe atmosphere, meet the staff and see the high standards. Please call or email to arrange an appointment or join us at one of our Open Days.

·      Registration of your child can be at any time before or after your visit, by completing our registration form. The registration form can be found in the Prospectus or on the website.

·      Once registered, your child is entered on the list for possible entry at your preferred entry date.

·      The following procedures will occur approximately a year before your son or daughter is due to join

·      All year groups: An assessment will take place, appropriate to the age of the child. On satisfactory completion of this assessment, a place may be formally offered and you will asked for a deposit to secure the place. A waiting list operates once all places have been allocated.

·      Once a place has been offered and accepted, we will arrange school visit dates.



Admissions and Attendance Registers

1. Admissions

The School has to maintain information regarding each child in the following formats:

1. an ‘admissions’ register and

2. an attendance register.

We hold an admissions register containing particulars of every child:

·         full name

·         sex

·         name and address of each parent/guardian and an indication of the parent with whom the child normally resides and which parent/s hold parental responsibility as defined by Section 3 Children Act 1989

·         day, month and year of birth

·         day, month and year of admission or re-admission

·         name and address of last school attended, if any

·         Date when child leaves the school

Admissions at a non standard time

We will notify the local authority, West Berkshire,within 5days, if we add a name to the admissions register at a non-standard transition point i.e at the start of education normally provided by the school. We will inform them of the information contained in the Admission Register.

2. School Attendance

Regular school attendance is essential if a child is to make the most of the educational opportunity available to them. Irregular attendance seriously disrupts continuity of learning, undermines educational progress and can lead to under achievement and low attainment.

The role of Parents/Carers

It is the responsibility of parents/guardians to ensure that their child attends school regularly and punctually.

We request that parents/ guardians:

·      Keep requests for their child to be absent from school to a minimum

·      Provide the school with a reason for any absence or lateness

·      Work closely with the school to resolve any problems that impede a child’s attendance

·      Take family holidays during school holiday periods and be aware that requests for holidays during term time are discouraged.

The role of the school

School attendance will be positively supported and the promotion of good communication and cooperation between school and home will be paramount.

We have a statutory responsibility to record and monitor the punctuality and attendance of our children and we will record all absences in the school registers twice daily.

The school seeks to promote good attendance and will aim to raise and maintain levels of attendance by:

·      Promoting a positive and welcoming atmosphere which is conducive to the best possible teaching environment and in which the children feel safe, secure and valued, and where their development is carefully monitored.

·      Raising awareness of the importance of a differentiated, relevant and interesting curriculum.

·      Promoting opportunities to celebrate and reward our children’s successes and achievements.

·      Raising awareness of the importance of good attendance.

·      Ensuring that attendance is monitored effectively and reasons for absences are accurately and promptly recorded.

What is expected of the School:

To meet the legal requirements set out by the Government

To encourage punctuality and attendance

To develop procedures that enable the school to identify, follow up and record all absences; to identify patterns of absence with effective monitoring and intervention. (See Registration Procedures, Appendix 2)

To consistently record authorised and unauthorised absences within the  guidance of the Education (Pupil Registration) Regulations 2006, amended by the 2010 Regulations

To develop a range of effective strategies to follow up intermittent and long term absenteeism and promote good attendance

To encourage open communication channels between home and school

To develop procedures for the integration of long term absentees

To have effective school procedures for recording and monitoring attendance

Register of attendance

Staff are aware that it is a legal requirement to maintain up to date records of attendance and absence. It is essential to use these records in the case of an emergency.

Registers will be taken at 8.50am and again at 1.40pm. Registers are kept in the front entrance hall.

Registers of attendance are kept for 10 years.


The school expects all children to arrive at school in time to prepare themselves for the start of lessons at 8.50 am.

Any child arriving after 8.50 am for the morning session or 1.40pm for the afternoon session will be marked as late and must complete details in a book – “Pupils Entering or Leaving During the School Day” which is kept with the registers in the front entrance.

Parents/guardians and a member of staff must sign the book, stating the child’s name, time entering school and reason for lateness. If a child arrives unaccompanied by a parent/guardian a member of staff will complete the record asking the child for the reason for being late.


If a parent knows that a child will be absent from school e.g for a doctor or dental appointment, the parent should email or write to the Head teacher. All medical appointments should be made out of school hours where possible.

For other absences, parents must phone the school as soon as possible to explain the reason for absence, details of which should be relayed to the class teacher and entered into the “Day Book” in the kitchen.

When a child is absent and the school has not received any information by 9.30 am on the 1st day of absence, the school will make contact with the parents/guardians.

Every effort will be made to contact the parents/guardians by phone however, if this is not possible a letter will be sent to the family and if contact has still not been made by the end of 2 days without explanation, the Head Teacher or Deputy will make a decision on an appropriate course of action, which may include contacting West Berkshire if there are safeguarding concerns.

Once the reason for absence is known, the registers will be adjusted to record the reason.

Unauthorised absence from school

Unauthorised absence from school is where no reason for absence has been given, or where the school is not satisfied with the reasons given for absence.

A child missing from school

Where a child has unauthorised absence and the school is unable to make contact with the parents/guardian the school would immediately contact the local authority, West Berkshire, to inform them of the absence.

Removal from the school’s Admissions Register

When a child leaves the school they are removed from the school’s Admissions Register. Details of their next school are recorded and we will issue a letter  to the ongoing school requesting acknowledgement that that the child has joined their new school.

We will notify our local authority, West Berkshire, when we remove a child’s name from the Admission’s register under any of the grounds listed in the regulations (Regulation 8 of the Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006 (listed as Annex A of the DfE statutory guidance , Children Missing in Education. This duty does not apply when a child’s name is removed from the admission register at the standard transition points – when the child has completed the final year of education normally provide by The Cedars (Year 6).

Should we be informed that the child has not joined the new school we will try to make contact with the parents/guardians to establish what has happened. If this is not possible we will notify the LA.


In line with KCSIE, September 2020, Annex A, in the following instances we will notify the LA immediately, of any child who is going to be removed from the admission register;

·         where the child has been taken out of school by their parents and the school has received written notification from the parent that they are being educated outside the school system e.g home education;

·         where the child has ceased to attend school and no longer lives within reasonable distance of the school at which they are registered;

·         where the child has been permanently excluded

Return to school

It is important that on return to school from a period of absence that the child is made to feel welcome. The child will be helped to catch up with work that has been missed and will be brought up to date with any information given to other children during their period of absence.

Where a child is sufficiently well to return to school but is on continuing medication, the school will administer this medication (refer also to the First Aid and Medication Policy).

Parents are required to provide the medication, give details of the dosage and times to be given on the designated medication form and sign to give their permission for staff to give the medication.

Holidays during Term Time

Current legislation states that parents do not have any right or entitlement to take a child out of school for the purposes of a term time holiday or for any other casual reason and the school strongly discourages any such absence. Unavoidable medical absences are, of course, acceptable and, if you have given notice of these to the office, an absence form would not normally need to be completed. Any request for absence ( Appendix 1) will be considered on an individual basis and the decision will take into account:-

·      if the child has already had some absence in the current or preceding term.

·      the intended absence is near or during test times.

·      the intended absence coincides with the start of the academic year.

·      the school believes that the absence may have a harmful effect on a child’s education.



Children who start and leave The Cedars outside standard times

Where a child starts or leaves the school outside standard times of entry and leaving, we will notify West Berkshire and complete the Admissions register appropriately.

In addition we will seek acknowledgement, from the receiving school (where known) that the child has commenced with them.

For children commencing at The Cedars we will write to the child’s previous school seeking Child Protection information.

Appendix 1 – Please click on link below for a form

Request for leave of absence during term time

Application for permission for absence from school

This form is essentially for requests for absence due to unavoidable circumstances, ie: family bereavement/funeral, parent illness, birth of a sibling etc.

Holidays during term time are strongly discouraged and parents are reminded of the effect absence can have on a child’s achievement. The school does not authorise absence as a matter of course. Where possible, parents must apply for permission, two weeks in advance, using this form.

Any absence which is not authorised  will be treated as “unauthorised absence” and will be recorded as such.


Appendix 2

The Cedars School – In School Registration Procedures

Registers, staff register and late in /early out schedule to be kept in the cupboard in the main entrance hall.


1. Morning registration: Registers to be completed at the start of the school day (8.50 am) each morning. Each class teacher to complete the register of the class they are teaching.

Completing register

Any errors in the registers must be corrected so that the original entry and amendment are clearly visible. Teachers unsure of the correct attendance code should refer the entry to the school secretary. In the event of a query as to the nature of an absence the Head Teacher will make the final decision on which code should be used.

Registers to be returned to the cupboard in the entrance hall immediately after registration.

The member of staff responsible for taking the register MUST inform the Head or her Deputy by 9.30 am of any child who is not in school for whom:

·         no explanation has been received.

The Head/ Deputy must then  followed up the absence by a telephone call to the parents to ascertain the reason for absence, which should then be recorded in the register. Where contact cannot be made the Head Teacher should be informed and she will decide whether further action is necessary.

2.  Afternoon registration: Registers to be completed at the start if afternoon lessons by class teacher and returned immediately to the entrance hall cupboard.

Arrival after registration: Parents must ‘hand’ their child to a member of staff.  The member of staff must complete the “late in/ early out” book and both the member of staff and the parent/ guardian should sign the entry.

3. Children leaving prior to normal school leaving time:

A member of staff will ‘release’ the child and both the member of staff and the parent will complete the “early out/late in” book.

In case of fire or at fire practice all registers and ‘Late in/ early out’ book to be taken to Fire Assembly point.



Attendance figures

Year Absence Percentage Attendance Percentage
2011 – 2012 4 96
2012 – 2013 4 96
2013 – 2014 2.5 97.5
2014 – 2015 2 98
2015 – 2016 2.6 97.4
2017  -2018

2018 – 2019







98 (Autumn and Spring term data only)


Policy adopted 2009 by Jane O’Halloran

Updated: September 2019

Review due: September 2020