Where our children go after The Cedars…

Our children move on from us to an array of wonderful schools, both state and private, near and far. We are always delighted to hear from former pupils and Cedars children continue to flourish in a variety of new environments.

We take great care and attention in discussing secondary school options with our parents in order to select the ideal atmosphere for the children to further their education. Here is just a small selection of wonderful schools that our pupils have gone on to join:

State Secondary:

Park House – www.parkhouseschool.org/
Reading Boys – www.readingschool.co.uk/
Reading Girls – www.readinggirlsschool.co.uk/
St Bartholomew’s – www.stbarts.co.uk/
The Willink – www.willink.org.uk/


Private Secondary:

Abingdon Boys – www.abingdon.org.uk/
Bradfield College – www.bradfieldcollege.org.uk/
Downe House – www.downehouse.net/
Cranford House – www.cranfordhouse.net/
Pangbourne College – www.pangbourne.com/
St Helen & St Katharine – www.shsk.org.uk/
St Josephs – www.sjcr.org.uk/



Appleford School – www.applefordschool.org/