We have a firm belief that children will learn if they are happy and secure in their environment. We believe that each child is unique, that all children have many talents and that it is our responsibility to seek out and promote these talents so that each child can develop fully. We will provide an atmosphere of love and mutual respect in which all children can learn.

We Aim:

  • to produce happy, secure and well balance children, who:
  • are curious and have a thirst for knowledge.
  • know how to learn and work independently.
  • understand their own abilities.
  • will strive to produce their best results at all times.
  • are kind, compassionate and tolerant.
  • live healthy lifestyles.
  • are prepared for the next stage in their life.
  • know how to behave appropriately and are well mannered.

We will:

  • provide the highest calibre staff to form an enthusiastic, committed and caring team.
  • provide a safe, secure, stimulating and happy environment.
  • uphold and teach the values of tolerance, understanding and respect.
  • provide children with the opportunity to work in small groups according to their ability and to progress at their own rate.
  • develop a system of regular monitoring and assessment, so that targets for future development may be set.
  • offer a broad range or subjects, activities and experiences.
  • work to develop strong home/school relationships, aiming to provide high quality information, good communication and an “open-door” policy.
  • promote links with the wider community.