Author: Karen Shaw

26th June 2017

We welcomed the cooler weather in group 1 this week. In english we continued to write our story about pirates.The children are loving the pirate theme and have also enjoyed listening to the story of Treasure Island on CD. You could have heard a pin drop in the classroom. A lovely moment was when one

19th June 2017

What  sweltering week we have had in Group 1, but the children have coped remarkably well.In English we are continuing to  look  at stories and this week we have focused on the Setting . The children have been writing their own settings trying to use adjectives. In Maths the year 1s have been lea

Group 1

It was lovely to see the  children all  refreshed after their half term break. This week we have been focusing on story writing in English and the children have written their own versions of a story we have read in class.They enjoyed setting up the role play as a pirate ship and are loving playing

Group 1

We made it to the end of term. This week in group 1 we wrote our own verses to The Sound collector poem and based it on school sounds which was fun. Year 2 ‘s continued with fractions in maths while the year 1’s  have been getting to grips with place value using  numbers to 40. The [