**Autumn 2020**

This term we will be following a flexible curriculum to ensure that any learning gaps encountered  due to  lockdown can be covered.

Year 1

Autumn Term

Internet safety- User Agreement.

Using a mouse and drawing using Paint looking at how to log on to a computer and how to print.

Real or fantasy situations – Dress Lecky website.

Firework drawing – Paint.

Spring Term

Internet Safety – CEOP Smartie the Penguin.

Learn icons on a computer.

Mouse and keyboard skills.

Summer Term

Labelling & Classifying

(Graphs and labelling diagrams.)

Purplemash – 2Calculate, 2 Count. Pictograms and tally charts.

Years 2 & 3

Autumn Term

Basic Skills

Internet safety- User Agreement.

MS Word.

To be able to insert text and images.

To be able to alter text by font, colour and size.

To be able to use a spellchecker

Use the undo button.

Coding: Beebot

Spring Term

Internet Safety-Think u Know website,

Paint & PurpleMash 2Paint.

To be able to use a drawing package to produce an image.

To understand that a range of tools will produce a range of effects.

To understand how to add to and edit images.

Summer Term

Using the Web

Find a given website, use a bookmark, use an internet search engine Kiddle.

Know the importance of internet safety and searching online.

BEEBOT – programming skills and phonics mats.

Pictograms and Tally lists – 2Calculate.

Year 4

Autumn Term

Internet safety – User Agreement.

Text and Graphics

MS Publisher

To be able to add text, pictures and borders.

To use a design template.

MS Word

Repeating patterns.

Revision of font, size, text and colour.

Spring Term

Internet Safety-Think u Know, 2 Simple leaflet

Manipulating Sound

To understand what a sound wave is.

To be able to organise and alter sound clips and samples.

To be able to evaluate musical productions and alter pieces of music

To record sound.

To create a simple presentation – MS Sway.

Summer Term

Modelling Effects on Screen

Can programme an object to move forward, turn 90, 180 or 270 degrees, can input instructions in correct sequence. Can use a repeat command,

can use a programme to draw a basic design on screen and can improve work.

Scratch – basic skills and tutorials.

Years 5 & 6

Autumn Term

Internet safety – User Agreement.

Graphical Modelling

Use basic painting tools – Paint & Publisher.

Select, copying & resizing, Rotate & reflect objects, Manipulating objects. Comparing the packages for strengths and weaknesses.

Spring Term

Internet Safety – CEOP Think u Know

Analyzing Data

To understand a spreadsheets function, input data and devise formula to manipulate data – Excel.

Revision of word processing – Word.

Summer Term

Programming Skills.

Gibbon – 2Code.

To create a simple presentation – Sway.