Group 1

March 27th

We made it to the end of term. This week in group 1 we wrote our own verses to The Sound collector poem and based it on school sounds which was fun.

Year 2 ‘s continued with fractions in maths while the year 1’s  have been getting to grips with place value using  numbers to 40. The children  made Easter cards and used the conputer to show off their  IT skills in writing the messages. They  made little easter baskets and were lucky enough to have them filled with mini eggs.

The highlight of the week , though ,was the examination of a fish in science. Most of the children were willing to handle it and it gave them a good opportunity to see how the fins and gills all worked up close. Apart from the smell in the classroom it was a great  fun to have hands on experience. The children followed this  up with some super labelled drawings of the fish.

Finally ,we had the easter service on Friday and I was very proud of the singing from all the children.

I hope you all have a good rest and see you in three weeks.


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