Group 3s week

This week in group 3 we had an exciting week and we’ll tell you why.

We did spellings on Monday and learnt about Theseus and the Minotaur. We did a mind map which was fun because it is interesting when you have to imagine you’re r someone else and write down your feelings as that character. In science we were drawing life cycles of mammals and birds and we had a lot of fun doing that because we got to draw and use the iPads. When we did history we were drawing Ancient Greek theatres which was hard but fun because they were very different then to how they are now. On Wednesday afternoon we were printing tiles in our art books and on sheets of coloured paper. Everyone’s tile was amazing and different. The tiles were in the style of William Morris because he is the artist we are looking at in art. On Thursday we were learning French. We started learning how to say hello and what would you like and also lots of different types of food which you could get from different shops in the French market which we are having at school. But the most exciting thing which happened was that Jakob joined our school in Group 3.

By Holly and Laura

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