**Autumn 2020**

This term we will be following a flexible curriculum to ensure that any learning gaps encountered  due to  lockdown can be covered.

Year 1

Autumn Term

Social Explorers Curriculum

  • Unit 1

Thinking thoughts and feeling

  • Unit 2

The group plan

Spring Term

Social Explorers Curriculum 

  •  Unit 3 

       Thinking with your eyes 

Summer Term

Social Explorers Curriculum 

  •  Unit 4 

       Body in the group 

  • Unit 5 

       Whole body listening 


Years 2 & 3

Autumn Term

 Knowing me

Getting to know one another – Class charter.

Taking responsibility, class jobs and the importance of rules.

Recognising and dealing with feelings in themselves and others.

Staying Healthy

Exercise and keeping fit

Fire Safety

 Living in the community

Needs and wants ; money and charity, empathy- link to Christmas and shoe boxes.

Recognise the difference between fair and unfair

Social justice – understanding the consequences of doing something wrong

Spring Term

Knowing me

Making decisions and choices.

Understanding differences of opinion, explaining their own views and respecting the view of others.

Being with other people

Multicultural understanding- respecting and valuing peoples differences.

Understand the cultural significance of festivals.

Chinese New Year

Protecting the environment

Conservation and endangered animals. Understand some animals are in danger of becoming extinct

Pollution Being aware of things that can harm the environment

Packaging and recycling – consider what constitutes waster


Summer Term

Knowing me

The needs of living things

Taking responsibility: looking after animals , dealing with loss.

Staying Healthy

Road safety – link to local walks

At home and school

Being with other people

Friends- appreciating the role of sharing in friendships. understand that friends can be angry sometimes.

Peer group pressure – learning how to participate positively in a group

Resolving conflict – the importance of listening, sharing and cooperating with others.

Year 4

Autumn Term

A class charter

Emotional Literacy -having worries, recognising feelings

The Importance of Friends
Falling out with a friend
Resolving conflict
Safety-personal, fire

Spring Term

The Needs of Different Community Groups
Money & Charity
Peer group Pressure
Valuing differences
Resolving Conflict

Summer Term

Friends & empathy
Friends & their feelings
Money & Charity
Staying healthy
Political Literacy
Growing up

Moving up

Years 5 & 6

Autumn Term

Class charter

Emotional Literacy – family

Bullying/cyber-bullying (anti-bullying week)

Resolving conflict

Multicultural understanding

Spring Term

Living in a community – different community groups

Political Literacy

Money and Charity

Social Justice

Finding help

Summer Term

Protecting the environment


Packaging and recycling