This Policy applies to all members of the school and is in accordance with Part 5 of The Education (Independent Schools Standards) (England) Regulations 2014, in force January 2015.

The Cedars School seeks to implement this policy through the adherence to the procedures set out in the rest of this document. This Policy is reviewed annually by the Head Teacher, or as events and legislation changes require.

This is a whole school policy and has regard for children in EYFS.

Policy Statement

The premises of The Cedars School are constantly monitored by the Head Teacher and her Deputy and the Standards are adhered to by ensuring that the necessary checks are carried out at appropriate times. Staff are responsible for informing The Head/ Deputy of any matters that will affect the Health and Safety of the staff, pupils, visitors and contractors.

1. The school will provide:

  • Suitable toilet and washing facilities for the sole use of the pupils
  • Separate toilet facilities for boys and girls
  • An individual toilet suitable for disabled pupils which may also be used by staff, supply staff, volunteers and visitors whether or not they are disabled.

2. The school will provide

  • suitable accommodation to cater for the medical and therapy needs of pupils. This may be used for other purposes (apart from teaching) provided it is always available to be used for medical needs and which include:
  • suitable accommodation for medical needs and treatment
  • accommodation for short term care of sick or injured pupils which includes a washing facility and is near a toilet facility.
  • Suitable accommodation for the treatment of pupils with complex needs e.g those with profound or multiple learning difficulties such as physical disability.

3. The school will maintain school premises and facilities to a standard such that, as far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety of the staff and pupils are ensured.

4. The school will ensure that acoustic conditions and sound insulation of each room or other space are suitable for the activities taking place therein.

5. The school will ensure that each room or internal space has suitable lighting for the activities that are to be carried out. The school will also provide external lighting to ensure that people can safely enter and leave the school premises.

6. The school will ensure:

  • suitable drinking water facilities, readily accessible at all times and in an area separate from the toilet facilities, will be provided. These cold water drinking supplies will be clearly marked.
  • Toilets and urinals will have an adequate supply of cold water; there will be adequate washing facilities with hot and cold running water. The temperature of the hot water will be controlled so that it does not pose a risk of scalding.
  1. There will be suitable outdoor space to enable;
  • the children to take part in PE activities in line with the school’s curriculum and for them to have a suitable area in which to play.
  1. There will be adequate security arrangements for the grounds and building, by ensuring that the building is secured when not in use and that the school building has secure entry.
  2. Emergency Evacuations
  • The Fire Officer ensures that there is sufficient access so that emergency evacuations can be accomplished safely for all pupils, staff, visitors and contractors, including those with specials needs.

10. Classrooms

Suitable teaching areas will be provided to allow effective teaching, having regard to the number, age and needs (including specials needs) of pupils.

Jane O’Halloran

December 2018

Reviewed October 2019

Reviewed February  2021