Covid – 19 information

How did The Cedars respond to the national lockdown that started in March?

Anticipating the imminent lockdown, our staff were able to set up the use of Microsoft Teams as an online learning platform for all pupils. As a result, all children were able to access a full academic daily timetable, including live lessons and differentiated work.

How were lessons taught?

Via the Microsoft Teams platform, staff delivered daily timetabled lessons throughout each day. They were online, offering live one to one and group support throughout the whole school day. The online, live platform not only allowed a high level of academic support, but also allowed us to offer pastoral care and close monitoring of pupil and family wellbeing throughout the lock down period.

The timetable was broad and varied, and included highly differentiated learning in maths and English. Text books, exercise books and reading books were sent home as necessary and, if additional materials were required, staff delivered them to our children’s homes in a Covid safe manner. What arrangements are in place should a group of children need to work from home for a short period of time? Our children have been split into very small groups of children, referred to as bubbles, with whom they currently work and socialise. This limits the number of children who may need to follow a period of virtual, online learning should one of them contract Covid – 19. Should a bubble be required to self-isolate, their learning will automatically take place in an online capacity, with a daily timetable of lessons and live teacher support.

How will we teach lessons if there is a further national lockdown period?

In the event of a further national lockdown, learning will once again return to the Microsoft Teams platform. The first lockdown provided an opportunity to reflect on our practice and seek parental and pupil feedback. As a result, we will be adding in several extra-curricular, online based opportunities for our children, to further support the school community. In order to be prepared for a potential short notice lockdown, and prevent the loss of momentum in children’s learning, a stand-alone timetable for the first 2 weeks has been prepared for each year group. The children have also been given practice with the technology and platforms we will be using and all relevant hard materials are in pre-prepared packs, ready to go home immediately.

Here are examples of our weekly timetables from the first national lockdown: